The View from Here – Masterclasses/Workshops

In this presentation, I perform/discuss the various styles of music that represent the trajectory of my career as a professional guitarist.  Starting with Blues and moving through Jazz Standards, the music of Thelonious Monk, Original Instrumental Jazz, Latin Music, Vocal Jazz Originals, and Middle Eastern Music, I discuss the study/performance of each style and how each has broadened my musical life.  I emphasize that my career is not necessarily better nor even different from that of many other musicians;  but students get a real life example of a career in music that has spanned 5 decades, 5 continents, 7 CDs (as a leader) and one book.

Some other ideas that are mentioned:

1) go beyond practicing your instrument, engage in the study of a style

2) go beyond working on your soloing ability: get into the middle of the music, both as a listener and as a performer

3)  do whatever necessary to make the music better – it’s not about you, it’s about the music.



“Dear Gary,

On behalf of Wits University and our students I would like to thank you so
much for the fabulous workshop you gave us last Friday afternoon. You
really are not only a great musician and performer but also a great
educator. The students got so much out of this workshop.”


Carlo Mombelli
Associate Professor, Music
Wits University
Johannesburg, S. Africa

Gary Wittner, 2021, All rights reserved. Gary/Guitar pictures used by permission. Photographer - Pepe Avilés.