Music Across Borders

Tshwane School of Music
Tshwane School of Music
US and South Africa - Gary and Woman


It has been my great pleasure and honor to represent American Musical Culture overseas on numerous occasions, starting in the mid 1980s and continuing today.  My experiences as a traveling musician, Kennedy Center Jazz Ambassador, Fulbright Specialist, and US Embassy Outreach Artist have shown me that music is, truly, a universal language.  Transcending language, culture, and border – music brings people together in unique and wonderful ways.  It can be experienced deeply with just one other person, in small groups, or with large numbers of participants.  Music is a great reminder that we all share much more than we differ.  For me, meeting folks from other cultures and sharing our music has been a source of great inspiration and joy, helping to shape the way I view my life and the world around me.




“We have worked with Gary many times in the past and are grateful that when possible, he makes himself available for our outreach programs. I am also impressed that not only is he great with guitar clinics and other music workshops, but that he unpacks the American Music Heritage so simply that both high and primary school learners can easily understand and take some of this teachings home.

Our office values our relationship and hopes for its continuation.”

Selaelo V. Maseko
Cultural Affairs Specialist
US Consulate General, Johannesburg, S. Africa

“We hosted Gary Wittner for 2 days at the North-West University, where he
 presented a workshop, coached and jammed with the big band, and gave individual lessons. Gary was a great help to the fledgling jazz program at the university, and inspired students both with his musical skill and his approachable disposition. He was able to adapt his presentations to the needs of the students present, and at the same time push them beyond what they were used to or comfortable with: the mark of a great teacher.”

Dr Albi Odendaal
Acting Director, Musical Arts in South Africa
North-West University
Potchefstroom, S. Africa

Gary Wittner, 2021, All rights reserved. Gary/Guitar pictures used by permission. Photographer - Pepe Avilés.