Now We’re Here

NWH cover
July 1, 2003
Gary Wittner
Invisible Music
Producer: Gary Wittner
Number of discs: 1

Gary Wittner – guitar
Howard Johnson – tuba, contra-bass clarinet
Jeremy Clemons – drums
Willem von Hombracht – acoustic bass

  1. Now We’re Here
  2. Cloud Cover
  3. Lonely Holiday
  4. Four in One
  5. Faster, Smaller, Cheaper, Better
  6. Ugly Beauty
  7. My Country ‘Tis of Thee/We Shall Over Come
  8. Second Thoughts
  9. Fun at the Factory
  10. Mother Nature (Hurricane Bob)

In those moments when everything seems strange, murky or even completely busted and the obvious decision or course of action is far less than obvious, “Now We’re Here” sometimes pops into mind. A good starting place, “Now We’re Here” is almost always true, hovering happily without need or agenda. Or, perhaps, a springboard progressing to the next thing whatever that might be.


For improvising musicians, “Now We’re Here” (better “Now We’re Hear“) has great significance. The music informs the players but it is only to the extent that they are “now” and “here” that the music will be honest, true and successful. For myself, the music on this CD meets that critieria, and I hope the listener will enjoy and agree.

Arguments abound concerning politics, religion, morality, and just about anything on which people have opinions. But, when you get right down to it, there is something I think we all agree with… “Now We’re Here.”


Gary Wittner, June 2003



“Wittner has compiled a series of tunes that reflect his affinity for springing subtle surprises on his listeners while highlighting his stylistic individuality. Such surprises occur in expected places like the elastic rhythmic component of “Fun at the Factory” stretching from funk to a freed cascading of notes. And they occur in unexpected places, as in Wittner’s deconstruction of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”.
……..compositional depth occurs from the angularity of Wittner’s approach, muted though by the softness of his attack, expressed through the graceful movement of chords……”


“(Wittner) provides a truly exciting and interesting listening experience for the attuned jazz ear.”


“Wittner is well versed in Monk and his guitar style, as far as is musically or humanly possible, suggests an empathetic parallel to the pianist’s idiosyncrasies.”

Gary Wittner, 2021, All rights reserved. Gary/Guitar pictures used by permission. Photographer - Pepe Avilés.