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Did I Say That Out Loud? (CD) $15.00
Disturbing the Air (CD)
Fun at the Factory (CD)
Sleep On It (CD)
Now We're Here (CD)
Roadway (CD)
Thelonious Monk for Guitar (Book)
Please send full payment in advance, products will be shipped first class within a week.
Make checks payable to: Gary Wittner. Mail to the address above.
The price for bringing Gary Wittner to your school for the Thelonious Monk and/or Our American Musical Heritage presentations is $500. For this fee, Gary suggests that you use him in all the possible ways described in this web site (and more if you have other ideas!). This fee was arrived at after numerous discussions with school administrators and is felt to be both fair and realistic. However, Gary understands today’s budget realities and the following considerations are possible:
1. Sliding scale for fewer presentations.
2. Block booking 2 or more local venues for a lower fee.
3. Negotiating a lower fee for the full day (Gary’s working premise is that if a venue is interested in bringing him to their audience, and if he is interested in that venue, there is usually a price that will work for everyone concerned).
Please contact Gary by email for more information on specific fees and schedules.

Thanks for your interest!!!

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